About Painter

Henrik Vardeniktsy is one of the restless and searching representatives of Armenian painting. His talent expresses itself in inspiration and everyday indefatigable work. I got acquainted with him by chance some years ago. After we had been, first at my place and then at this studio, our friendship was established. Owing to the painters sincere and spontaneous manners, the good-natured smile coming from within, the small eccentrities of the artist there was such an atmosphere when his art was better understood and appreciated.

Henrik Sargsian was born in the Sevan Basin, more exactly, in Martuny Region, and his human and creative nature carries the stamp of his native Vardenik. It is quite natural that on the pictorial and graphic works of the last years ona can see the signature Henrik Vardeniktsy. He is a painter who can express sensibly anything he wants. In the upper layers of many of his pictures, in corners, one can see aerial images. The temptation of these elf-women, like a well-known motive, passes from one picture to the other. Each picture is the continuation of the previous one, the organic beginning of something new. Thus, picture after picture these images and phantoms collect and become integral and make the constituents of Henrik Vardeniktsy’s creative work. The painter is well acquainted with the imaginative thinking of painting.

He is not the painter to choose one or two colours as a more expressive or differentiated form of expression. He makes use of all possible colours and shades and in the smooth colourful lines and shades one may notice the trace of his feelings and thoughts. A very important part in his art plays the cult of woman. Women in his works are shown from different points of view and in different situations. The theme of a woman, a mother and love is endless and everlasting like secrets of life. And in his desire to find out these secrets the painter, doubtlessly, feels very happy to be able to share his feelings with his admirers. Each of his paintings, portraits and landscapes is dedicated to men, to nature. All his attempts to reproduce the inner world of the man are successful.

The painter’s canvases are full of life and are rich in flexible situations.

Each work, each painting is a proof of the type, character, talent of the painter, of the man of who has created them.

Paintings which were created by inspiration bear in themselves the strength, the hidden energy which can pass their light and warmth to people even through centuries. Henrik Vardeniktsy is one of those painters who has the God’s gift. But it is very important that he has also the ability to use this gift for the sake of himself and the whole mankind.